Full manufacturing service process, involvinginput purchase, development, manufacturing, technical consultancy, distribution, guarantee and after-sales.


Among the industrialization services provided by MCM, we can point out:
• Manufacturing electronic voting machines , phone card readers, pen drives and GSM modules;
• ATMs Revitalization (banking boxes)


MCM Repair centercounts on an adequate infrastructure to perform maintenance services for notebook, desktop, CCTV, POS, printer power supplies and also provides cable recovery and the maintenance of electronic equipment, such as POS and printers.

This repair center has all required resourcesto ensure that theequipments are repaired and tested, considering the same condition of new equipments

• Traceability management and MTBF;
• Highly specialized and trained technicians in allstages of the process;
• Excellent cost-benefit ratio;
• Use of original parts;
• Own logistics, enabling a fast receiving process, repair and return of theequipments, serving the most demanding markets in its SLAs (Service Level Agreements).