NBK 1000i CFTV


UPS Module

 Power: 1000VA | 620W

Manual dual voltage

 Built-in power supply with 16 outputs for cameras with capacity of up to 5A

Exclusive Isolation transformer (i)

 Borne para expansão de autonomia | MBA Overtime ou bateria externa

Mínimo uma bateria 12Vcc de até 45Ah para o funcionamento (Alojamento para alocação interna)

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Model NBK 1000i CFTV
Application Security
* for other applications consult us
Maximum Output Power (VA/W) 1000VA/620W
Power Factor 0,62
Dual Voltage input Yes
Input Selection Manual
Input Voltage Range 115Vca ± 20%
220Vca ± 20%
Protection against input under and overvoltage Yes
Output Voltage Range 115Vca ±4%
Isolation Transformer Yes
Network Stabilizer Function Yes
Outlet Interference Filter Yes
Signal LED Indicator (informs: overload. battery mode and network mode)
Terminal to External Battery Yes – indicated to 12Vcc battery
Internal Battery Included No – It has space to 12Vcc battery with maximum dimension of Width, Height and Length:
(180x190x180) mm
Autonomy – Example 1 (estimated value) 1 DVR 8 channels (20W) + 1 Monitor (40W) + 1 HD (8W) + 5 Cameras 1A (60W) = up to 2h30min
Autonomy – Example 2 (estimated value) 1 DVR 16 channels (30W) + 1 Monitor (40W) + 10 Cameras 1A (120W) = up to 1h35min
Autonomy – Example 3 (estimated value) 1 DVR 32 channels (50W) + 1 Monitor(40W) + 16 Cameras 1A (192W)+ 1 Speed Dome (72W) = up to 42min
Numberof Output Outlets 5
Net Weight 13,4 Kg
Dimensions (W x H x D) mm 193 x 323 x 360

*Specifications subject to alteration without previous notice